Mark Bleiman - President & CEO


Mr. Bleiman founded Layer 4 Solutions, Inc. to counsel with local businesses utilizing his extensive experience in the digital arena. Since founding his first LAN/WAN firm in 1988, he has served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for several metropolitan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania firms each with revenues over $10M yearly.

He consults regularly with Municipal Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, Universities, Hospitals, Museums, and other private institutions.

Among many successful implementations, his experience as CTO enabled his clients to connect their East Coast USA offices seamlessly with locations throughout the USA, as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and the United Kingdom.

Mark has been the chief architect of many projects, including Web based, highly available, mission-critical 24x7 installations.

Mr. Bleiman attends technology seminars regularly, and requires his staff to do so as well.

In addition to English, Mark has studied Spanish, Russian, and Japanese extensively, and to a lesser degree Greek and Hebrew.

Additional personal and professional references, educational degrees and current certifications available upon request.

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