Our expertise ranges from preparation of newly acquired PC’s, installation and configuration of PC operating systems, network file server operating systems, ancillary software – such as: asynchronous communication services (shared modems for inbound or outbound use), to virus detection software, electricity monitoring software, backup software, CD-ROM sharing, network printer and photocopier sharing, e-mail gateway/fax gateway and post office software, and web server software. Firewall and security advisory services, remote connectivity, Palm OS, wireless LAN, and even support for home PC’s are just the beginning of what we can do!

Below is just a sample of those manufacturers whose products we support:
Apple Macintosh operating systems and connectivity
(from classic through Power PC)

IBM AIX Unix for Motorola-based operating systems
(System 34, RS6000 and PowerPC and newer)

IBM OS/2 v1.3 (Intel-based systems) through Warp

IBM OS/2 based Citrix

Microsoft PC and server (Intel-based) operating systems, through Windows 2000 & Windows ME, NT based Citrix, and Win2K/NT

Novell network operating systems
(Intel-based and “portable” versions for Motorola)

Novell -v2.x,v3.x,v4.x,v5.x & v6.x !

Redhat Linux / Suse / VF Linux Systems / Caldera OpenLinux / Corel Linux OS Deluxe

SCO (Santa Cruz Operations) Open Server/Enterprise Unix 3.X - 5.X

WAN connectivity and Router configuration with 3Com, Bay Networks, Cisco, Intel, SMC and other products.


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